Friday, August 6, 2010


IAESTE Munich weekend! The best way to describe it is that its like charlie and the chocolate factory but replace chocolate with beer. For 35 euros they managed to give us souvenir mugs made of porcelain mind you unlimited beer and food (breakfast lunch dinner for 2 days ish), accommodation, a private party with unlimited cocktails on Sunday, and Bavarian flags and German chocolate for the winners of the city rally (team I can't pronounce this aka 1/2 of Zurich LC). Just a note I only had one beer there the whole time.
The city itself was beautiful! I would say as nice or maybe nicer than Milan. It was definitely cleaner and the people less... impassioned haha. But yea there were alot of people and the weather was amazing so all in all a great trip. Didn't see that many sights in Munich mainly because we were so tired and the group I went with was not down to go check out the Olympic park based on word of mouth negative reviews =P. So a lot of time was spent hanging out in the English gardens which are enormous.
The English gardens stretch about 10-12 underground stations at least? and just walking from one station to another through the garden took us about an hour.
Another cool site we went to was the top of this church which had a ton of steps but a view that was really worth it. Not quite so spacious or pretty on the roof as the Duomo but a great view nonetheless.
Saw the Hofbrauhaus, a famous beer hall where people normally dress in their leiderhosen and dirndls.
Passed by the lion statues whose noses people rub for good luck.
These statues were directly across from a monument where people would have to stop to heil Hitler and then there was one road that people could take to go around the monument and avoid association with the Nazi party however people going down that road were often subject violence =(.
There was an opera house nearby here too that had to have its roof renovated because it caught on fire. Unfortunately the fire brigades of that time were just a random collection of people who happened to be in the area ordered by the king to take beer from the local brewery and dump it on the fire. In a true Bavarian fashion they started drinking the beer as they worked and so the efficiency with which they put out the fire was ... diminished to say the least.
Shopped for dirndls and leiderhosen.
Watched surfers body surf and short board surf a current that formed a predictable 'wave'. They should really make one of these in the bay area. I'm sure lots of people would go.
Jumped into a river called Eisbach. As you might have seen on facebook it has a surprisingly strong current. It was kinda cold but not too bad since Sunday was so hot.

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