Wednesday, July 14, 2010

French at Last!

"Sooooooooooooooo" this past weekend I went to Lausanne with IAESTE and it was a blast. Arrived and started meeting people as we sort of tepidly approached each other unsure of whether the other was in IAESTE as well. Pretty soon though as the group got bigger it was obvious who was a part of the program and who wasn't. First we dropped off our stuff and walked around parts of the city, the cathedral, and the old city. Bought a few post cards so some of you should expect some. Had an excellent smoothie. Got a little lost cause we weren't sure where we were supposed to meet the group for lunch. Sat Nav (GPS) was taking us in the right direction but we decided to defer to our trusty leader Marc. Anyway we went back got some pita wrap like thing who's name I have since forgotten but starts with an L. Laura got la meme. Rode the merry go round which was hilarious especially at the end where I tried to get my moneys worth and ride two horses. Then we went to drop our stuff off at the hostel which was pretty fancy. We got a room called timelox, no just kidding timelox was just the card key manufacturer. We had this room where in a hallway full of IAESTE people so even though the bathroom was shared it felt strangely like home? Next we went to try to go windsurfing but the weather wasn't cooperating( thunderstorms were brewing so they didn't think it would be a good idea to go out onto the lake hanging onto tall poles who woulda figured?) So instead we just all swam in and had a massive seaweed fight. I must say that the scarf? I got was pretty good. Although Scott's assassin move was also commendable. We also found/stole/borrowed? a frissbee and bouncy ball and tossed those around for a while. It was like waterpolo all over again. Skipping the ball brought back memories. Got out and tried to just wash my feet. But Laura decided she would just turn on the cold shower full blast... An accident she claims as she runs away laughing her head off. To be fair though I did spray her back with the hose. Next we got ready to go out to the festival. Played some games watched some shows and then partied. Woke up the next day to go to see Castle Chillon and Montreaux. Best parts about Castle Chillon? Definitely the private double toilette that leads directly into the lake and Marc's comment about chests. The Montreaux festival was pretty fun but we didn't have much time to look around. Mostly just saw a break dance competition with maybe three or four really good dancers. Finally took the boat back to Lausanne, which took forever and was late... not such a good end but yea got back in one piece and slept really well. Oh yea and I practiced my french alot over the weekend so that was kinda cool


  1. Re: the title - how appropos in honor of Bastille Day! I'm glad you're still in one piece and I hope to be one of the lucky few to receive a post card! Did you find yourself entangled in seaweed - seems slimy! lots of love, your sis.

  2. Jon! Kathleen & I are waiting for our postcard, just kidding. :) But if you would like, you could send us a joint one! That would be cool! We miss you!!! Hope you are enjoying your time there :)

    - Annie & Kathleen