Friday, June 4, 2010

Starting the Main Experiment

So today I finished up some procedures that were kinda like practice/prep. Now I am going to do the real deal! And my post doc is going away on to a conference so I'm kinda on my own. Hope I don't mess up. Still there will be lots of other people to help me. Lets see what else. I've been trying to save some money so for the past couple days I've been making/eating sandwiches which are much cheaper than say a meal at the cafeteria. So far I've had tuna, salami (2X), bologna. Well as you can see other than work not much is going on out here in the almost countryside so all I have to talk about is what I eat haha.
The very gracious owner and chef for the hotel/restaurant where I am living gave me a bottle of wine that he makes himself and a very tasty carbonated apple drink. In turn I gave him a bottle of Beringer to give him a taste of Napa Valley. Hope he likes it. Well tomorrow I will be going to Luzern for the weekend. I am probably not going to bring my laptop so no updates for a while. But there should be lots of pictures and more stuff to talk about when I get back.
This robot makes very small droplets of concentrated protein and precipitant. ( I think. Just kind of guessing from what I saw somebody do with it) and then determines which conditions result in crystallization.

This robot takes pictures of prepared hanging drops. So you can look for crystals from the comfort of your desk.

Today's Kaffee snack=D

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